Monday, March 5, 2018

House 2.0

We started the building process of House 2.0 back in early November. We got to pick out a house, the elevation, the plot of land it sits on and then all the finishing! Its an exciting process but at the same time overwhelming because its hard to visualize the conception of everything coming together.

We had lots of meetings over flooring and lighting. We have gone back and forth on color and design. Seriously its harder than it sounds.

We broke ground on January 25th and the process has been in top gear. We visit the house every Saturday morning and it blows my mind each time at how fast they are moving.

Week 1. 

Week 2.

Week 4.

Every time we pull up the street I gasp and my heart grows 10 sizes. Its still very surreal and I count my blessings each day because its only by the grace of God that we have been able to get to this point in life. I am thankful and so grateful for being able to accomplish this at this point in my life.