I get a lot of questions and compliments regarding my engagement ring. When my husband started asking me about rings and what I like he wanted to know the basics but pick out the ring himself. I told him I love round cut diamonds and no other cut. I wanted something classic and timeless that would never go out of style and I liked dainty. I didn't like the look of a lot of metal. He took these notes and started his ring journey. He went to Michael Genovese here in St. Louis MO. According to my husband they were wonderful to work with and were able to find the perfect ring for me. 

My ring is a made by Gabriel and Co, including my bands. They are white gold and all three rings are a size 5.5. I recently received my two year anniversary band a bit early because a girl couldn't wait until November. To this day I am still absolutely in love with my rings. I would never change a single thing about them.